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Hong Kong Roundnet Association


Hong Kong Roundnet Association(the "HKRA") was established in 2017. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Roundnet and improving the skills of players and coaches. Our goal is to become a member of Sport Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong and government support for the development of this sport


Hong Kong Roundnet Association has three separate committees to assist the Association in various aspects, including:

Coach Committees:

Responsible for Roundnet training system, coaching structure and all-round Roundnet courses, including Coach Course, player training courses, etc.


Publicity Committees:

Responsible for promoting Roundnet at different levels, including primary, secondary, junior college and adult. Committed to making more people of different ages can be contacted Roundnet, increasing the popularity of this new sport.


Competition Committees:

Responsible for arranging all the games of the Association, including the league information, Grand Tournament, Seasonal Tournament and Intermediate Tournament. Information on the competition can be found on the competition page.

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