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Roundnet Club

Recognized Roundnet Club (RRC).png

Recognized Roundnet Club (RRC)

HKRA endeavors to develop and promote Roundnet sport. Club registration was officially established this year and the list of registered clubs has been announced. They are officially recognized as a Recognized Roundnet Club (RRC), and obtain a proprietary logo.

2020 RRC

(in no particular order)

旱風體育會 Logo2.2.png

Blast Sports Club

(Hong Kong Island East & Wan Chai)


Joshua Sports Club

(New Territories East)

MAGE logo2.png

MAGE Roundnet Club

(Kowloon West)

St.Benedict logo_Roundney Club_B(2).png

Hong Kong Island

Roundnet Club

(Hong Kong Island West)

St. Benedict Roundnet Club
(New Territories West)

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